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With a life-long dedication to impact lives in various dimensions.



  • Nnenna Onwuneme

    As a topic sentence to guide you into whether you want to keep reading this testimonial or not, I would like to say 'Dr. Addy is my compass'. I met her on the streets of social media at the peak of my confusion as far as career goals go.

    Before my first session with her, I would like to embarrass myself by saying I was completely clueless with going in the right direction, especially because I was holding on to things that I should have let go of. I had done a few doctorate degree admissions which did not turn out well.

    Literally 10 minutes into the consultation I knew what the problem was. In today's world when wanting to venture into post-graduate studies, you want to be relevant by all means. But again, in your relevance, you can not veer off completely. Dr. Addy's consultation opened my eyes to so many things, that put me back on track and I mean immediately. We made a connection between where I have been and where I need to position myself for the next 50 years plus focusing on industry 4.0, set out a clear road map, discussed graduate school application and scholarship in a simple step by step procedure, did a CV critique, talked about my research portfolio and many more things that were extremely relevant. Let's just say that was one of the first best spent 1 hour of 2021.

    Like we say in Nigerian pidgin English: ' Follow who sabi road, e get why'. A compass, indeed.

    Nnenna Onwuneme
  • Amara Tasie

    I came across Dr Addy on social media and was instantly drawn to her. Her energy, knowledge and passion were glaring. I knew at once that I had to have a personalized meeting with Dr Addy, so I applied to become her mentee. I started the mentorship program in June 2020. I was a graduate student in the U.S., struggling to navigate my career path. I had applied for an internship and was not granted the role, which intensified my fears that I would not get job opportunities with my degree. At our meeting, Dr. Addy helped me see opportunities in my field. She guided me through job market research and advised me on Industry 4.0 skills I needed to add to my program to be competitive. I started acquiring those skills as well as worked with Dr Addy to update and revise my resume. Fast forward to September 2020, I re-applied for that internship with my upscaled skills and revised resume and was offered the role. At all our sessions, Dr Addy was patient and attentive which made talking with her easy. Connecting with Dr Addy as my mentor is indeed one of the best decisions I ever made.

    Amara Tasie
  • Mobola Adefemi

    From the first session I felt a weight being lifted off my back, the simplicity, yet high efficiency of the content and solutions Dr Addy gave me was beyond words. I was abke to find clarify and renew that strength and believe in myself and my ability. Still, a work in progress but Dr. Addy was constantly spitting gems.

    Mobola Adefemi
  • Oreoluwa Tabitha Akande

    Meeting with Dr. Addy provided clarity and great mentorship for my future career and academic plans. Dr. Addy was very insightful as the session helped me to gain clarity on how I can use my past educational qualification and work experience to shape and create a more tailored career path that I can work in. She was quite helpful and very flexible; explaining all my concerns and clarifying my thoughts. The first meeting has provided me with a lot of information that I can start working with to create my skill map and work on areas that need to be developed for my academic plans and career progression.

    Oreoluwa Tabitha Akande
  • Tolulope Okuyemi

    Registering with Dr Addy I must say is the best decision I ever made this after rededicating my life to God. Dr Addy is easy to work with, despite her busy schedule, she creates time for everyone. I was confused about my direction and where I needed to be but when I spoke with Dr Addy, she ignited the fire and redirected me. I have been getting rejection job offers before meeting her but after only 1 session and 15mins of interview coaching, I got the next Job offer. God bless you and your team Dr.

    Tolulope Okuyemi