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To our beautiful ❤️ Children
You teach us to be happy for no reason. You remind us to live with passion. Your daydreaming, wild guesses and boundless imaginations encourage us to keep dreaming.

While we try to teach our children all about life

People have been asking me "Dr Addy how do I relocate to Canada?"

Well let me say this "There are multiple routes to this venture" and you have to find what is best suited for you.

Don't worry yourself trying to scroll the internet endlessly for the answer

PhD Position in "material integrity of the carbon capture storage infrastructure"

Deadline: June 14th 2022.

Multiple PhD and Masters positions available in the area of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence for critical decision making in Healthcare, and Intelligent Automation, and Climate/Weather.

MSc and PhD positions at School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel Aviv University in studying static and dynamic characterisation of coupled micro-meta structures, nonlinear transient dynamic phenomena, and chaotic behaviour.

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