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If you midst my post of yesterday. Please scroll down my page to see. It was my message to Nigerians living in Nigeria. And I am really happy she is taking action. I'm glad and happy for you my sister. 2 Recruiters and still counting.....

Let's have another exciting session later today. I will be coming live on instagram @drolubamiji 4pm ET/9pm WAT. Please be my Guest. Come let's reason together.

See you soon

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When I graduated with a physics degree in 2008, I was only afforded few opportunities for work as everyone thought a graduate of physics should become a teacher and technically eat the crumbs from the tables. Since I know the potentials I have abroad, especially in cutting-edge

We've secured over a 70 Admissions for Grad school students between January and September. And a lot of these Admissions came with either a fellowship, scholarship or funding opportunities through our Graduate Application Help Program and our BOOTCAMPS.

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